Winter 2021 Construction Update

Even though the weather has taken a turn for the worse, there is still a lot of construction happening at the moment. Four stages at once is huge and everything is tracking well. This is great because it means that more families are closer to calling Hillgrove home.


27 July 2021



Stage 10 titles are due

If you are among the lucky ones who bought into Jacaranda and Waratah Releases, you’ll be feeling very excited about now. Having ticked everything from site establishment, bulk earthworks, drainage and sewer works to water and gas reticulation, subgrade placement, electrical and NBN, as well as footpaths, asphalt and linemarking, the construction works are complete. Congratulatons your titles are due this month.


Stage 11 will also be titled soon

Pine and Eucalypt were also very popular releases and the good news is that everything is progressing well. Already we are up to electrical and NBN installation, which will then be followed by footpaths, asphalt and linemarking in time for titles scheduled for October.


The civil phase is under way in Stages 12 and 13

For Bottlebrush, Maple, Grevillea and Magnolia Releases we have just finished sewer works and are finalising drainage before starting on water and gas reticulation. Having completed their bulk earthworks, Lilly Pilly and Blackwood Releases have progressed to drainage works. With everything on track, these final stages should be completed in early 2022.


Watch this space

Due to demand, Hillgrove is looking forward to introducing additional lots to our growing community in 2022. If you want to be part of our boutique community please contact Hannah on 1300 904 555. That way we can keep you updated on future releases.


In the meantime follow our progress.

Amazing progress is happening across Hillgrove with stages 10, 11, 12 and 13 all on track. These are exciting times for people who have bought into Hillgrove, and also for the residents here who are waiting for even more families to join them. Just click on the links to see how much has been done in readiness for you.

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