COVID-19 Policy

We are still open. But taking extra care. Here’s how.


Steps already in place


From the onset, Hillgrove has been proactive in protecting our customers, staff and other members of the general public.

  • Notices on all Sales Office doors to check that those entering meet our health safeguards.
  • Self-isolation for staff returning from overseas or interstate for 14 days before coming back to work.
  • Hygiene precautions. Providing our team with packs including personal sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant sprays, cleaning essentials, extra pens for a ‘you touch it, you take it’ policy.
  • Increased anti-bacterial cleaning at the Sales Centre for all door handles, hand rails, touch screens, EFTPOS, coffee machine, taps and surfaces.
  • Visits to Sales Centre by appointment only to avoid any risk of crowds gathering.
  • Staff will refrain from hand shaking and other physical greetings.
  • Also requested a gap of 1.5 metres be maintained between each other and the public.
  • Hillgrove also has an anti-hoarding policy for the benefit of everyone in our society and expect our staff to comply.
  • All events cancelled or postponed, such as launches.
  • Appointment booking system. Accessed via our website so you can easily and conveniently book an appointment even if you’re accessing the system after hours.
  • Facetime calls. Each team member can still speak with customers, face to face but via a screen, avoiding any risks while still maintaining a good rapport.
  • New payment portal. We will have a new secure payment portal on our website to instil confidence that your purchasing details are safe and protected.
  • Walk through, drone & flythrough video experiences. These would be used to help communicate to you the benefits of the project and deliver a similar journey that an estate manager would give on the ground.
  • Readily accessible construction updates.  We want to ensure that you still feel that you can freely and easily access construction information in the event that the sales office is closed.
  • E-Contracts. These will be offered as an alternative to signing in person.


Should there be further developments


Then we will advise you of any changes or additions to our response.


The safety of our customers, staff and visitors is no little thing to us and we thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.