Hillgrove First Home Know How

Our first free seminar happens on September 5th at the Hillgrove Sales Centre. For one evening only, Bank of Melbourne and First Class Legal will give you the know how you need at each and every stage of the new home buying process. To book your spot, register today.


22 August 2018


Hillgrove Rockbank - First Home Know How

Hillgrove know how to help first home buyers!


Want to be guided through each step with your every question answered? Hillgrove Know How.

Want to meet your new neighbours and make friends before you’ve moved here? Hillgrove Know How.

Want to secure that block of your dreams for much less than you expect? Hillgrove Know How.

In fact, for everything to do with affording, saving and securing the very best price, advice and support, Hillgrove Know How to help First Home Buyers.

By registering your details and booking a spot for the inaugural Hillgrove First Home Know How seminar, we’ll be able to keep you informed of all the offers, information sessions and events we will be staging to help get you into your own place.

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