A $25,000 Government Grant towards building your new home.

If there was ever an incentive to buy that block, this is it. Purchase your dream lot at Hillgrove now and you could get $25,000 towards building your new home.


26 June 2020


The Homebuilder Scheme was announced by Scott Morrison on Thursday June 4, 2020 and, as would be expected, you must meet certain criteria.


To qualify, your new home must not cost more than $750,000. Singles must earn less than $125,000, couples under $200,000 per annum.Your builder must be registered and licenced on the day the scheme was announced. Also once your build contract is finalised you must have construction workers on site within three months.


Of course the great news is that Hillgrove is in a favourable position because we have blocks available, close to titling, to make the most of the HomeBuilder scheme.


Also Hillgrove has extended our Assistance Package till the end of June 2020. The 5% flexible deposit payments will continue and we will give back $10K rebate* on settlement on all selected lots purchased between now and the end of this financial year.


With our Assistance Package and now the HomeBuilder scheme as well, there really has never been a better time to buy land and build the home of your dreams, here in Hillgrove.


Read HomeBuilder’s eligibility criteria

See available lots


*As of 16 April 2021, the rebate has been reduced to $5,000

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