$25K HomeBuilder extended in Victoria.

With metropolitan Melbourne now in Stage 4 lockdown and regional Victoria in Stage 3, the Federal Government has announced an extension to HomeBuilder in that state.


3 September 2020


While you still have to buy the land and enter into a build contract by December 31, 2020, you now have until June 30, 2021 to start the build in order to qualify for the $25K grant.


For anyone looking to buy a lot in Hillgrove’s Stage 8 or Stage 9, there is now an extra incentive, with all available blocks scheduled to be titled in time for you to take advantage of HomeBuilder.


Stage 8 that includes Footbridge, Truffle, Parkwalk and Orchid Releases, as well as soon-to-be launched The Hedges, is due to receive titles in January. This gives you almost six months to start construction.


Stage 9, including the upcoming Bluegum Release, is scheduled to be titled in May 2021. So, if you’re ready to commence the build as soon as settlement takes place, you could still qualify for the $25K*.


As before, there are other criteria pertaining to income, value of home and your chosen builder that are outlined on the link below.


So, check that you qualify and then see our available lots!

See available lots

Read HomeBuilder’s eligibility criteria

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