September Construction Update

With so much happening at Hillgrove it won’t be long now till you can call it home.


22 September 2020



In September, it’s official. The first seven stages at Hillgrove all have titles plus Central Park is also completed, ready to open to the public in the coming weeks. With these exciting milestones reached and more just around the corner, it’s no wonder that Hillgrove remains Rockbank’s fastest growing community.


Titles released

Those who bought into Stage Six have just received titles with settlement due later this month, clearing the way for their builders to access the site for soil testing purposes. For them the dream that is Hillgrove is about to come true.


Tools up

With Stage Seven having secured titles last month, builders will soon be on site and future residents can start to see their new home plans realised.


Works underway

Subgrade Placement works are in progress in Stage Eight with titles expected in January 2021. Stage Nine is scheduled to title as early as March.


Talk about a walk in the park

Now that Central Park is completed, exercising close to home has never been more appealing and we cannot wait to see local families out and about in this nature space.


HomeBuilder extended

With so many stages at title now or in the near future, many of Hillgrove’s residents could qualify for the Government’s $25K HomeBuilder Grant. So if you haven’t already done so, find out if you are eligible by checking the criteria here.


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