Central Park Opens

You’ve watched from the sidelines. You’ve waited in anticipation. Now as the last fences are removed you can experience for the first time our very own Central Park.


12 December 2020



If the last six months have taught us anything, it’s that being outdoors, in the fresh air, getting a little exercise is a real treat. It’s a time to stop working, to enjoy some space, to notice your neighbourhood. And now with new Central Park there will be even more to explore.


New Central Park will be an extension of everyone’s family home. A place where you can jog or stroll the walking trail, throw a ball or just sit for a bit on the raised levels and take in your surrounds. Many a childhood memory will be made in the new adventure playground with its nearby sheltered area especially welcome in the summer months ahead. But what is really special about this park is its sheer expanse of green that will only become more beautiful over time as the landscaping matures.


Central Park was planned to be part of a lush corridor. In time, residents will be able to roam from Innovation Avenue all the way to Troups Road North without having to cross a street. The kind of space where kids can run free. Or you can lay a picnic rug. With a natural basin to capture any downpour  there may even be times when it boasts a small stream. The leisure options are endless.


In all, here is over 9 hectares or more than 230 standard building blocks that you will never tire of exploring and neither will your family or friends.


Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, Central Park will be especially popular. However, we must ask that you maintain 1.5 metres social distance and stay safe.

See you at Central Park soon.

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