The year a record number of people called Hillgrove home

It would be easy to think that 2020 is best forgotten but for so many families this will long be remembered as one of the highpoints of their life, all because this was the year they secured the home of their dreams here at Hillgrove.


31 December 2020


Let’s look back on how the year panned out and all the positive developments that have taken place.


Our highest sales ever


Hillgrove has long been popular with homebuyers and COVID-19 did nothing to change this. In fact, as early as May, Hillgrove became the best-selling community in the west.


Stages 6 and 7 became titled mid year


Melbourne may have gone into Stage 4 Lockdown mid year, but even that didn’t stop Stage 7 getting titles in August and Stage 6 receiving them in September. For so many future residents, lockdown was spent looking at plans, talking to builders and getting more excited with each passing day.


220 homes now built


That’s 220 families who could now call Hillgrove home and they wasted no time in getting that moving truck booked. If 2020 taught us anything it’s the importance of community and with 220 households, Hillgrove is already a fun, friendly and happening place to live.


The first Exclusive Havens


First came lots, then house and land, now there are also Exclusive Havens. These aesthetically complementary townhomes or houses, always in highly desirable locations, usually opposite parklands are deliberately low maintenance, so today’s busy homeowners can make the most of their leisure time.


Central Park opens


The year ends with the opening of Central Park. Complete with adventure playground, walking trails, barbecues and shady sitting areas, this amazing outdoor space will become a favourite gathering place for the many families who live here.


While we don’t wish to downplay the many difficulties experienced by so many during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are so grateful for the community we have, the new residents we’ve welcomed and the hundreds of families who have made Hillgrove somewhere very special that we can all celebrate.


Thank you all for your support throughout the past year.

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