Hillgrove is happy to sponsor renovations at Sri Durga Temple

It’s the largest Durga Mata Temple in Australia and it’s in the lush surrounds of our own backyard in Rockbank. Here is a place of gatherings, great joy and community spirit, with devotees supporting many charities, locally and globally. Over the years this has included supporting SecondBite, to running a breakfast program for schools and even offering assistance to senior citizens.


18 March 2021


In addition to its philanthropic works, the temple offers services for worshippers, including personal development through Vedic education, meditation and chanting.

The 22 acres for this temple were purchased back in 1997. In the beginning services were conducted in a humble tin shed. Then, after raising funds from its Hindu followers, the nation’s largest Indian community building opened. However, now, the building is in need of work to extend the temple building, community centre and carpark.

Having done so much for others, Hillgrove is delighted to have this opportunity to show our appreciation for a temple that is an integral part of life here in Rockbank.

If it our absolute pleasure to support a place where everyone is welcomed, included and looks out for each other. After all, it’s the little things we do to help each other, that is what our community is all about.

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