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The Complete Boutique Community

From the outset, we always knew we were creating something special here at Rockbank. Now, as the fastest selling boutique community in the West, it’s good to know everyone else sees it too. And there’s so many reasons why. But one of the most important things to us is that when we say we are going to do something, we do it.

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Last chance to invest in Hillgrove

Sales activity at Hillgrove has remained strong and even as our last blocks go onto the market, we are seeing no signs of slowing demand. Instead, there is almost a panic happening as future residents now realise that they may miss out.

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Another Hillgrove Milestone

Congratulations to Valine and Francis, our 500th buyers at Hillgrove. The couple from the Philippines have been living in Melbourne for four years. Being unable to travel back to visit their families during COVID, they decided it was probably a good time to put that money towards their first home and they are so happy they did.

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Hillgrove is happy to sponsor renovations at Sri Durga Temple

It’s the largest Durga Mata Temple in Australia and it’s in the lush surrounds of our own backyard in Rockbank. Here is a place of gatherings, great joy and community spirit, with devotees supporting many charities, locally and globally. Over the years this has included supporting SecondBite, to running a breakfast program for schools and even offering assistance to senior citizens.

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