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Hillgrove is happy to sponsor renovations at Sri Durga Temple

It’s the largest Durga Mata Temple in Australia and it’s in the lush surrounds of our own backyard in Rockbank. Here is a place of gatherings, great joy and community spirit, with devotees supporting many charities, locally and globally. Over the years this has included supporting SecondBite, to running a breakfast program for schools and even offering assistance to senior citizens.

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What a constructive start to 2021

No sooner had we hailed in the new year than the build crews were back on site and busy. It’s all happening here at Hillgrove and given the many developments in our February Construction Update, this activity will continue for many months to come.

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Central Park Opens

You’ve watched from the sidelines. You’ve waited in anticipation. Now as the last fences are removed you can experience for the first time our very own Central Park.

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